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The Evolution of Real Estate Investing In the USA

The evolution of real estate investing in the USA began in the agricultural society and evolved to an industrial one. When the Industrial Revolution transformed the way people worked, more and more people moved to the cities for employment. As a result, urban centers swelled. Each worker needed a home and had the money to buy one. With so many people employed, banks started lending money to everyone and not just to the wealthy. Suddenly, mortgages were secured by blue-collar workers and the middle class. It became more common to own a home. As a result, real estate investing became a lucrative endeavor.
With the development of cities, there was an increase in real estate transactions. Residential houses boomed, restaurants, hotels, retail centers and office buildings. People were needed to manage, sell and develop real estate at this point. The urban sprawl soon created the need for suburbs. With this came more businesses, town centers, and more housing.